Portraits of Youngsters Painting small children can be tricky; they don't want to sit still for long, and their small faces, specially the very young ones, are to an outsider just "baby" faces. Yet the parents know these faces most intricately. The geometry and delicate finish of a child's face has a deep-seated instinctual effect on us that our brains are tuned in to notice. In one study they showed the surest way to get your wallet returned, should you loose it, is to put a baby's photo on the inside cover. For this reason most of the portraits here are of youngsters who's characters are starting to leave maps on their faces. Some of the most extraordinarily skilled children portraits were carried out by J S Sargent as shown in Barbara Gallati's "Great Expectations".

Amelia Rose JohnsonYalda DavisVitus TjømReine Ormond - after J S SargentAngus StanleyMargaret and George