Painting Process Three examples are shown here: 1. Juliana Apire: starting with an average skin colour and painting into this, wet into wet paint, completed over two consecutive days. 2. Ian Jones: starting with the colours, form, and large masses of the head and then the eyes are "dropped in like fried eggs". This is a technique that some think J S Sargent used. 3. Alison Marshall: starting with an average skin colour and terra cotta monochrome underpainting or imprimatura composed with approximately one week between sittings. The colours are added to the face in the second sitting.

Juliana Apire stage 1Juliana Apire stage 2Juliana Apire stage 3Julian Apire stage 4Juliana ApireIan JonesIan JonesAlison Marshall - after about 1 hourAlison  after 2.5 hours, end of first sittingAlison after about 5 hours